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PSA - you don’t have to do as much as you think you need to. Let us teach your kids how to be in charge so you can focus your energy on where it matters most. 

We know the feeling: not enough time in the day to teach basics, write choreography, clean choreography, give the kids individualized attention, and respond to parent emails.


We want to help your kids be the best leaders they can be for you - and more importantly - their team.

School Notebook

hey there, i'm ashley!

When I was a middle school dance team director in Dallas ISD, I attended these incredible officer camps every summer with my students. I always thought to myself “how on earth does this not exist in the color guard community?”

Fast forward to getting pregnant and trading my career in public school dance education for time at home with my kids. I returned to my previous role as a color guard director when it hit me like a new kid trying a 45 toss for the first time: there was a giant gap when it came to leadership training in the color guard community and I felt a calling to step up to the plate.

If there’s one lesson I learned from being a Blue Devil, it was this: work smarter, not harder. (Also, pay special attention to details. Thanks, TJ.) Why don't we make our lives easier as directors by making sure we lay a solid foundation for our student leaders? 


Focusing on the strengths of the student and how to fill in each other’s gaps within their leadership team

Leadership is not one size fits all - students are taught to break away from the idea that we have to be “the loud one” to be a good leader

Empowering students to have confidence when teaching their peers, giving specific feedback, and skills to clean choreography

my leadership philosophy

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